Brewing Methods


Most households use the Drip Method as it is the simplest method. This unit comprises of three parts, namely the reservoir into which fresh tap water is placed, a basket with a coffee filter and coffee, and the pot into which the brewed coffee is dispensed. The unit is then plugged into an electrical outlet and after approximately 7-8 minutes the coffee can be served.

Plunger / French Press

Many profess this to be the best manner for brewing coffee and especially flavoured when using flavoured coffee. The coffee is placed into the glass vessel and hot water is then poured over the coffee stirred and left to steep for 4-5 minutes. The plunger is then pushed down slowly and the beverage is ready for serving.

Stove-Top Espresso Pot

The coffee extracted from this method is done so under pressure and hence the coffee brewed has a unique taste namely “espresso” the basis of many coffee beverages such as Cappuccino. This neat little unit is made of two parts and sits on the stove for brewing. The bottom compartment is filled with fresh tap water and the basket that sits in it is filled with the required coffee. When the water in its chamber reaches boiling point it is forced through the narrow tube of the basket into the top chamber from which the coffee is poured.

Cold Water Method

Coffee made this way is served cold over ice and is especially popular during the summer. Coffee is mixed with fresh tap water and left for 12 hours to draw. It is then strained to remove the dregs and placed in the refrigerator. This coffee extract is later served and mixed with regularly brewed coffee in the ratio of one cup to four cups of normal coffee.

Open Pot or Jug

Preparation of coffee this way requires very little apparatus. Coffee is placed in a jug along with hot water and left to draw for 3 minutes. The resulting coffee is then strained with a fine strainer and served.