Brewing Tips

When purchasing a plunger French pot it is best not to try to save money by buying one with a nylon mesh. A stainless steel mesh is much better and will last longer.

Brewing flavoured coffee, you may prefer to use the French press or plunger pot system since it extracts the full flavour from the ground beans.

A sprinkle of chocolate stops boiling milk from forming a skin, and it tastes good.

You should always try to use semi-skimmed homogenized milk, because full-fat milk will mask the taste of the coffee.

When preparing a cappuccino, use cold milk because it foams better and the foam lasts longer and tastes fresher.

Four shots of espresso have about the same caffeine content as one regular cup of brewed coffee.

Try dark–roast beans for espresso and medium roast beans for your French press or plunger.

Remember to warm your cup or mug before you pour in the coffee.

Some popular flavourings for coffee are vanilla, coconut, nutmeg, orange, chocolate, lemon, mint and cinnamon.

Suggestions on brewing a perfect cup of coffee using beans

  • Use freshly roasted beans
  • Store the beans in an airtight container
  • Grind the beans immediately before brewing
  • Use fresh cold water. Bring the water to the boil but do not over boil, and do not pour boiling water on the coffee.
  • Use the method you prefer – plunger, drip, percolator, stove-top espresso pot or open pot/jug
  • Drink the freshly brewed coffee as soon as possible
  • Remember to warm your cup or mug before you pour in the coffee