Caribbean Select Coffee


Types, Blends & Flavours

Island Coconut -  Ground (Stand Up Pouch) - Retail

Island Coconut

a delicately luscious and exotic favourite, reminiscent of cool Caribbean days.

Vanilla Nut - Ground (Stand Up Pouch) - Retail

Vanilla Nut

a subtly aromatic and silky smooth combination of traditional vanilla and enchanting hazelnut.

100% Arabica - Ground (Stand Up Pouch) - Retail

100% Arabica

100% Arabica is exquisitely blended and roasted to a peak flavour, smooth and full bodied with enticing complex aromas.

Italian Roast - Ground (Stand Up Pouch) - Retail

Italian Roast

Traditionally dark roasted and passionately pungent. Italian Roast is ideal for espresso, cappuchino, and cafe latte combinations.

Medium Roast - Ground (Stand Up Pouch) - Retail

Medium Roast

Medium Roast is delicately roasted with an enticing aroma and a fine lingering taste. This is a unique specialty coffee.

French Vanilla - Ground (Stand Up Pouch) - Wholesale

French Vanilla

Reminiscent of a luscious butter cream confection, with Vanilla flavour.