Caribbean Select Coffee


Types, Blends & Flavours

Island Coconut

a delicately luscious and exotic favourite, reminiscent of cool Caribbean days.

Vanilla Nut

a subtly aromatic and silky smooth combination of traditional vanilla and enchanting hazelnut.

100% Arabica

100% Arabica is exquisitely blended and roasted to a peak flavour, smooth and full bodied with enticing complex aromas.

Italian Roast

Traditionally dark roasted and passionately pungent. Italian Roast is ideal for espresso, cappuchino, and cafe latte combinations.

Medium Roast

Medium Roast is delicately roasted with an enticing aroma and a fine lingering taste. This is a unique specialty coffee.

French Vanilla

Reminiscent of a luscious butter cream confection, with Vanilla flavour.