Premium Coffee


Hong Wing Premium Coffee is our flagship line serving both the food service and domestic sectors. This coffee is hot-air roasted to a particular darkness, ground and packed into metalized polyester packaging to ensure freshness and aroma. It is primarily distributed directly to the food service sector and mass market retail outlets such as supermarkets, groceries and to the Membership shopping giant – Price Smart.

Market Strategy

Our products are supported by Point-of-Sale material such as shelf talkers together with coffee sampling and market visits.


Retail Trade: Hong Wing Premium Coffee is sold at supermarkets, groceries, mini-marts and other mass market retail outlets. It can be found within the Caribbean in major groceries such as Massy Stores & Price Smart  in Trinidad and Big B’s.

Food Service

Our flagship line Hong Wing Premium is distributed directly to the food service sector i.e. hotels, restaurants, fast food chains and coffee shops.

In Trinidad and Tobago, we supply major hotels such as the Crowne Plaza, Radisson, Kapok Hotel, Normandie Hotel, Cara Suites, Ambassador Hotel, Royal Hotel, Crews Inn, Crowne Point Tobago, Clifton Hill Beach Resort, Grafton Beach Hotels; fine dining restaurants such as Jaffa and Angelo’s.