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March 1, 2016
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Vanilla Nut – Ground (Stand Up Pouch) – Retail


Size: 8 oz/227g

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Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee

Moonlight shimmering on pristine palm fringed beaches as gentle breezes ripple the silvery water, the serenity takes you far from reality.

Caribbean Select Coffee captures the moment for you in each cup of golden brown smoothness. Each blend of this uniquely Caribbean coffee represents a distinctive facet of Caribbean taste.

Vanilla Nut is a subtly aromatic and silky smooth combination of traditional vanilla and enchanting hazelnut.

As distinctly local as Caribbean Select is our bird, The Blue Crowned Motmot (Momotus momota), illustrated by Larry Mosca – a talented artist of Trinidad & Tobago, renowned for his paintings of local birds.
The Motmot, a common resident to both islands prefers heavily shaded areas, but sometimes ventures into pasture land with large trees. The Motmot feeds on berries of forest plants.

Created over four family generations of skilful blending, the coffee is prepared using the most modern of methods – ‘Hot Air Roasting.’ Made from only the choicest beans, cultivated in our own natural soil, Caribbean Select Coffee is Caribbean quality blend at its best. It’s no wonder it is the drink of the true connoisseur!

Weight:8 oz
Flavour lock valve to ensure freshness

Weight 8 oz