Wildlife Conservation

Did you know:

  • that it takes five years for a coffee tree to bear its first crop?
  • that the annual yield is only about one pound of roasted coffee per tree?
  • that, traditionally, coffee in the Caribbean is grown under a canopy of tropical trees?
  • that Caribbean coffee can therefore be called “bird-friendly” coffee?
  • that our company donates part proceeds of all sales of Caribbean Select Coffee to the conservation of wildlife in the Caribbean?

Shade Coffee

According to the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC), “migratory birds have found a sanctuary in the forest-like environment of traditional coffee plantations.” No other agricultural habitat shelters a greater volume of birds than the traditional coffee plantation. In fact, the only habitat more hospitable to wildlife is undisturbed tropical forest.

Shade coffee therefore plays an important role in biodiversity conservation. The tree canopy offers birds protection and is a renewable source of food. Shade coffee lives longer, providing a wildlife with a stable environment. It can also be cultivated using only small amounts of fertilizer and no chemicals, making Caribbean shade coffee one of the most sustainable agricultural crops in the world.

Traditionally, coffee in the Caribbean is grown under a canopy of tropical trees and can be called “bird-friendly” coffee. Many species of birds thrive in these tropical rainforest which in recent years have been rapidly depleting, resulting in substantial habitat loss.

We at Hong Wing believe that we can help make a difference by donating part proceeds of the sale of our coffee towards the conservation of wildlife in the Caribbean. By choosing Caribbean Select Coffee, coffee drinkers can help preserve the rich biodiversity inherent in tropical Rainforest while enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Gift pack gourmet coffee – Caribbean Select Coffee – is made from the choicest beans, cultivated in our own natural soil, it is Caribbean coffee at its best!